My name is Pietrofrancesco Apollonio. I was born in Galatina a city in the south of Italy.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna, with a final Dissertation entitled "Analysis and development of VDE (Virtual Distributed Ethernet) or the realization of virtual testbeds.".

At the moment I am attending the Master's course in Computer Science Engineering in the same university.

I am a proud user and supporter of the Free Software movement. I am also a developer of many open source projects.

A full CV can be found here.



I usually work in Open Source environments, programming systems and networks in a Gnu/Linux operative system. I have worked with the Linux kernel, coding some device drivers. I have also developed desktop softwares and utilities with GUI using the GTK+ and Qt libraries, and also with the .NET framework (WinForm).

The programming languages that I most frequently use are C, Python, Java and C#. For web applications, I use PHP and Javascript. I obviously know HTML e CSS.

I use Bash scripting to administer some Gnu/Linux (Debian) servers.


During my works I use diffent tools: revision control systems (SVN, GIT, Bazaar), tools to help the software compilation procedure (Make, autotools) and also an IDE (Eclipse).


I have used GNU/Linux (Debian) as operative system since 2005. I am able to set up and to manage various servers: DNS, DHCP, mail, HTTP, FTP, OpenVPN, database, print, etc.

I also have a very good knowledge of Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and server (Windows Server 2008).

Framework & C.

I developed software using the .NET framework on Windows systems and also on Gnu/Linux using Mono.

I use WordPress with plugins and hacks sometime written by me.

I use JQuery, with a lot of plugins, to create the user interfaces for the web application that I create.


Open Source Projects

I am one of the founders and a main developer of the open source project VirtualBricks, a complete tool to manage virtual testbeds.

Other softwares that I have worked on are:

  • MPARM: a cycle-accurate simulator of manycore architecture, writted in SystemC.
  • Qemu: an architectures emulator based on the dynamic translation.
  • ION: NASA's implementation of the Delay Tollerant Networking (DTN) protocol.

Thesis and University Projects

My final dissertation for my Bachelor's degree was to create and to manage some virtual clusters using VDE and KVM. With these clusters I have made some experiments to evaluate the performances of TCP using satellite and high-latency links. To create the various testbeds, I have debugged and optimized softwares like VDE and VirtualNetManager, to provide tools useful to manage the clusters. After concluding my dissertation, I am collaborating with the Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems for Information and Communication Technologies (ARCES) department of the University of Bologna.

While attending my Master's course, I created a complete ARM architectures simulator based on Qemu and MPARM. This simulator uses Qemu to emulate ARM architecture with a GNU/Linux (Debian) system on it. MPARM simulates an hardware accellerator. My work was to merge the two softwares together allowing them to talk, and to provide a complete programming stack (a Linux driver to manage the accellerator directly from the virtual system and a user library) and to change the Qemu's TCG behaviour to allow the user to calculate the real simulation time, making the simulator useful for qualitative simulations too.

I am now working on my Master's thesis at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), the German space center in Munich, working on ION (Interplanetary Overlay Network), a DTN implementation developed by NASA.

Web Sites

Some of the web sites that I have created are :

Other informations

My personal works and researches are in my blog.

You can find some of my contribution on the ubuntu-it wiki and on the Salug! web site.

An old version of the website with documents, sources and news could be found here.


You can contact me using this email address.

You can find me also on irc on the server with nick kapo.

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